Wednesday, July 1, 2009

shifting power glitter

oookay so i didn't wanna do the typical red white n' blue mani for the fourth of july weekend cuz let's face it, that's BO-ring (no offense to any gals sporting the patriotic colors tho ;) haha. so i went with my gold essie called shifting power. (i've seen this polish on other blogs labeled as "shift power" but i re-checked my bottle and it indeed says shift-ING so maybe some bottles went out without the ING?) unfortunately, the gold was a little weird with my skin tone, way copper toned and kinda dijon-mustardy almost. reminds me of the gold on a car, hence the name probably. anyway, i put one coat of nyx's sheer nude (AGAIN stupidest name ever for this super pink glitter shade) on top. and of course you can't see the gorgeous pink glitter in the pictures, it shows up as sort of flat greenish haha. but trust me it's pretty glamtastic! :) happy holidays and stay safe!
*editor's note 7/06: so after wearing this for a weekend...would i wear this look again? no. would i suggest the combo to any of you?? no! but the pictures are nice haha. i think the gold by itself would've been a better choice. aw well, fails come with wins too right?

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