Friday, July 10, 2009

chanel delice

hola blog readers of the world! my notd yesterday was chanel delice, which i'm sorry to say i do not particularly love. it's ok but just that, ok. and it was a pain in my butt. like i've said before, i'm trying to grow my nails out a bit and therefore do not have much of a free edge right now. well this color is super sheer so unless i wanted a ton of ugly uneven short VNL (visible nail line) i had to layer the crap out of it. and so i did. so i give you 6 coats. and that, my dear friends, is dedication. the in-bottle color is so effing pretty though so i just kept layering and layering and layering. and the end result is just ho-hum. the edges of my cuticles are a bit discolored from my last polish, sapphire blue so please pay no mind to that. it's an alright polish and i'm glad i tried it, but it's not one i'll probably be reaching for again anytime soon. (and i borrowed it so that's good too!)

on another note, i've been slowly converting my friend & co-worker mickelle into a fellow polish-junkie and i convinced her to buy some seche vite top coat the other day. she likes how fast it dries but has experienced more tip shrinkage than i do. maybe because her nails are rounder at the top and she doesn't use their base coat? idk but i've heard poshe top coat is better for the tip pull issue. i personally don't mind a little shrinking at the edges, plus i would outweigh that "con" with all the "pro's" that come with seche. what do you guys think, is there a top coat that you prefer?


  1. I'm not loving that polish color either. Good thing you didn't buy it. For a Chanel polish it just doesn't do anything to me. It's very blah.

  2. It's pretty, but yes, nothing that really catches your eye. But your nails do look nice. I prefer the Out the Door top coat from Sally.

  3. Not loving the polish - I guess it's a good colour for someone who likes their polishes 'safe'.

    I get some shrinkage with Seche Vite too, painting right over the edges of the tips (wrapping the polish) seems to help with that.


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