Sunday, July 26, 2009

bronze baby

*yawn* i stayed up way too late last night doing this mani and watching house md. i la la love house!! it's pretty much the best show ever. put ya hands in the ayer if yous a true player..oh wait that's biggie smalls..not house...oh well. i'm sure house would put his hands in the ayer.

petites brand can be purchased at walmart and they really don't get enough credit. i picked this one up after seeing it on scrangie's blog and it's so hot. perfect formula, two coater, great great varnish. and CHEAP! less than $2. pick this guy up immediately. bronze baby...oooh smooth.yeah i'm showing more "gap" than usual, just happened that way this time haha. until we meet again m'dears!


  1. This is pretty! I think this should be the shimmery gold/bronze I pick up. Your cuticles look amazing! I don't leave any gap - I know that it kind of looks bad, but I think that it looks worse to have an uneven and non-rounded gap!
    I love the music that you have playing on your page. I always stay longer to listen to a full song :)

  2. thanks danica! i used to hate painting my nails because of the paint left on my cuticles, then i started reading blogs and found the gap trick and it's been by undoing and salvation haha. i'm obviously obsessed now! and thanks for the music comment, i'm equally a music obsessed chick (like most of the world) and want everyone to like the music i like haha!

    thanks nailz dear :D!

  3. this colour looks great on you! beautiful nails!

  4. Love this color. Pretty on you. Hooray a cheap and good polish!

  5. Mmmmmmm House. He's so yummy :D

  6. Just stumbled across your blog and loved it! That color is stunning! Awesome choice.

  7. thanks pinkginger and lucy!

    selina you are SOOO right haha ;)

    hi sunshinemeg! thanks very much ♥


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