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Monday, July 20, 2009

pink crystalline

this notd is my standard go-to pink. it is actually a hand-me-down polish from my sister claire and i used it even when i wasn't really into polish haha. it always looks nice even with one coat. very pearly and as the name suggests, sort of crystal like in it's appearance in the sun. i highly recommend this as a work appropriate shade or just a pretty soft polish. (this was a quick at work mani, so it's not perfect haha)
  • orly bonder
  • 2 coats lancome vernis magnetic pink crystalline
  • rush (sally beauty) high speed top coat

*flash**indoor natural light**full sun*

i didn't love the rush topcoat as a drier, it was just not fast enough for me. still felt a bit tacky after 5 minutes (which is terribly slow for me after seche) but it is incredibly shiny so i'll keep it on hand i think. maybe top off day old notd's when they lose their shine a bit or something. i do like the orly bonder though, very nice addition to my arsenal haha.
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