Tuesday, July 7, 2009

chubby cheeks

the title of this post could describe pretty much my whole immediate family haha. we're a hearty bunch with loud mouths, big smiles and chubby cheeks :) this notd is on my sister Clarrisa's beautiful nails. she's 12 years older than me but looks maybe 3 years my senior, cuz of her gorgeous baby face. i like her nails better than mine, because like most of her, they are smaller. she's very petite so her nail beds are more compact and somewhat flatter than my longer, rounder ones. idk, she likes mine so i guess the grass is always greener eh.

the color is chubby cheeks by essie from their summer 09 collection. it's a bright reddish creme coral that applies like a dream in two coats. super flattering on her and p.s. i love how easy it is to paint other people's nails!
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