Monday, July 20, 2009

"sheer" your toys

i was on the fence about buying this guy, because the color didn't jump out at me. even seeing the swatches on other blogs i wasn't super impressed with opi's "sheer" your toys from the holiday in toyland collection. it's a pale lavender-ish gray with bits of reddish flecks in it. however, it has grown on me and now i love it. i found it in a discount bin and i was on a binge (haha) and none of the other colors were doing it for me so i picked it up. i can see it being one of my favorite colors for real. a unique color and not too crazy so it is very wearable.
  • nailtiques formula 2 nail protein
  • orly bonder
  • 2 coats "sheer" your toys
  • seche vite

*flash**indirect sun*this is my second day look with orly's matte top coat. you can see the reddish flecks better :)
i also did this mani a little different, i got this genius idea to oil my cuticles before i polished to see if it would help keep the polish off my skin and WHOOPIE it worked like a charm, and believe it or not, these pictures are taken with absolutely no cleanup. (decide for yourselves if that is a good thing or not haha) and then like magic, i read on a few blogs and such that it is not a new idea, people have been doing this trick forever. so boo, i'm late to catch on. anyway, it's a cool idea for someone like me who hasn't heard of it yet. love ya!


  1. This looks great on you! I think I have this one but haevn't tried it yet. I never wear my OPI's for some reason.

  2. Hi Kellie!
    I love this polish, it is one of my favourites of all time. Glad you found it and like it!

  3. this is gorjuz,and u did a great job

  4. It's one of my favorite also! :) beautiful color!

  5. It's a nice color, and looks great on you.
    what do you think about the orly matte top? is it good?

  6. Hi Kellie! This is a pretty shade on you. I thought it would be very sheer but it isn't. I like this color.

  7. I think it looks very nice on you! I like this one myself and I'm like you, thinking it may be too sheer, but it's perfect.

  8. kitty dear, thanks! i have more opi's than i thought i ever would haha as china glaze's are my fave's. maybe it's because they're the most common? you should try it!

    welcome helen! i am certainly glad i gave this color a chance :) it is a keeper!

    nailz-in-aus you are so sweet!

    and miss juicy nails i agree this is such a beautiful shade <3

    inbal, i really do like orly's matte top coat because it's not a super mattifier like the matte shades you find like from opi, it's more of a satin finish, which is softer somehow but gives the different texture and look that you want when you use a matte maker. :)

    lucy and mary - boy were we wrong, sheer is a weird name for this polish! guess they were just trying to be clever and failed? haha ♥

  9. Wow the nails are really looking beautiful ...want to buy those nail polish.

  10. I love this color! I think it's so pretty. It's not too loud and yet it's still very chic and fun and not pink, so it's a good work color, but definitely not boring!

    I'll have to try that cuticle idea, your manicure looks great. I always need to touch up, I'm so messy!


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