Sunday, July 19, 2009

strobe light pedi

i was visiting my relatives in nevada (where i'm originally from) this weekend and we all seemed to have glittery pedicures. it was pretty cool haha, as it was prime sandal weather and super sunny. the girls there had all gotten glitter toes (with gel overlay) done and i had just used sally hansen's xtreme wear glitter polish in strobe light, but it looked about the same consistency. we were visiting for my cousin Daniale's baby shower and i couldn't resist including a pic of her cute belly! (even though pregnancy freaks me out a bit hehe)

i love this polish and got a ton of compliments on it. this is 3 coats with seche vite on the top so it wouldn't be scratchy.


  1. Ow how cute :D Both the pedi and ur cousin ;D hehe

    Hope u had a good trip :)

  2. Wow I have to try a glittery pedi, it's 105-110 here it's definitely flip flop time! Your toes look adorable, and your cousin looks like she's due soon!

  3. Those glitter are awesome. I bought them 2 weeks ago. You should also get Rockstar Pink and Disco Ball. Disco Ball isn't really a glitter more a Holo. Love the glitter toes. I hope someone did your cousins toes for her. I don't think she could see them!

  4. my cousin is due in september but she does look ready to pop huh!!

  5. I love this glittery pedicure!


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