Friday, July 10, 2009

essie castaway

ok i think this may be my favorite mani since ruby pumps. and that is pretty big. i would describe essie castaway as barbie bubblegum pink. not quite too little-girlish tho, kinda rocker barbie. but delicate at the same time. just good old girls just wanna have fun cyndi lauper good times pretty polish.

i'm gonna take a cue from my girl CCee from TeamSugar (known her forEVA on there) and lay out the steps to my manicures, as i do not do traditional "swatches". guess i shoulda told y'all that earlier. i just feel like if i put so much time into something and i'm so proud of it why wouldn't i wear it for at least 24 hours haha. and that means using full base and tops every time i do polish. just to clear that up in case anyone was wondering ;)

1. nailtiques formula 2 nail protein (first time using this)
2. essie fill the gap (another first time use)
3. 2 coats essie castaway (tip wrapping in between coats)
4. seche vite dry fast top coat


*lamp light*
so far i'm loving the essie fill the gap ridge filler, my polish went on a lot smoother and the polish has a much more even appearance than i'm used to. have a happy weekend m'dears!


  1. Oooh that is so bright and pretty, looks great on you!

  2. Wow, what a pretty colour! Looks gorgeous on you! :D I've been wanting a bubblegum pink, I think I may need this one. :)

  3. Amazing different with lights on and off :D Looks very pretty :)

  4. That is a really pretty colour. I think I saw it in a shop yesterday and I might need to go back to have a 2nd look! Thanx for the description of your mani routine. Can you maybe explain how you do tip wrapping? TIA

  5. You're right, that is a lovely shade. It's the perfect pink! Looks amazing with your skintone :)

  6. Hey Barbie girl! Looks very pretty on you. I really like most colors. Sheers not too much. This is a pretty shade. I don't blame you for wanting to wear your polish creations longer. Less wear and tear on your nails. I'm fine with your blogging about other things also. I enjoy reading your blog.

  7. thanks ladies! i had a great time doing this mani :)

    avroys, this is actually one of the only times i've attempted a tip wrapping as i've been getting the shrinkage with seche vite more as my nails are getting longer. i just do a horizontal swipe at the top making sure to put some of brush below the nail so the color goes underneath as well. hope that helps!!

    lucy, glad you are enjoying reading, i enjoy your comments!! (along with everyone elses ;)

  8. ohhhh... what a CUTE baby-ish pink! The ultimate girlie look ;) Love it!


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