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Friday, July 10, 2009

essie castaway

ok i think this may be my favorite mani since ruby pumps. and that is pretty big. i would describe essie castaway as barbie bubblegum pink. not quite too little-girlish tho, kinda rocker barbie. but delicate at the same time. just good old girls just wanna have fun cyndi lauper good times pretty polish.

i'm gonna take a cue from my girl CCee from TeamSugar (known her forEVA on there) and lay out the steps to my manicures, as i do not do traditional "swatches". guess i shoulda told y'all that earlier. i just feel like if i put so much time into something and i'm so proud of it why wouldn't i wear it for at least 24 hours haha. and that means using full base and tops every time i do polish. just to clear that up in case anyone was wondering ;)

1. nailtiques formula 2 nail protein (first time using this)
2. essie fill the gap (another first time use)
3. 2 coats essie castaway (tip wrapping in between coats)
4. seche vite dry fast top coat


*lamp light*
so far i'm loving the essie fill the gap ridge filler, my polish went on a lot smoother and the polish has a much more even appearance than i'm used to. have a happy weekend m'dears!

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