July 25, 2009

french mani and red pedi

buenos noches blogger land!

i have not done a free hand french in forever, mostly because i'm not very good at it and i'm a perfectionist. so when i stare at my fingers all day and see the mistakes, i end up just taking it off. and a good french deserves more than a day of wear i think, am i right?! haha, anyway my nails have grown pretty well so i decided to give it a go. i went with the natural smile line and used essie blanc for the white, then fixed the line with a regular chisel art brush and acetone. which should make the line just about perfect, but nay it is not. oh well! i covered it with china glaze love letters, should've done two or three coats, but i ended up rushing so i could only do one and a quick seche vite top. i ended up with bubbles cuz i didn't thin my seche before :( and i couldn't tell at first, but the yellow of my beds is really personified. EW!! no bueno.

but a trip to ulta on friday resulted in FINALLY finding nail tek's foundation II ridge filler/base coat (which i've had a lemming for forever, mostly from mary's blog "body and soul") so i used it to mattify the french. which helped a little. anyway, never one to leave well enough alone...i had also purchased an ulta glitter polish (they were on sale for $2, regularly $5) called after party, a red and silver glitter, so i put that on top. i also threw on rush topcoat to make it super super shiny. i went the third day with a glitter french. so *phew* i think three days is a good run no? haha :)


also my sister decided to paint my toesies since i always paint hers while she was over the other day, so here's her work! revlon's cherries in the snow :) super cuuuute!


  1. So so cute! Sorry I haven't read you blog in a while, I'm all caught up now!

    P.S. Such a cute pedicure, ha ha! No, you're way better at it than me!

  2. Your french mani looks pretty perfect to me :-) ! I love it !

  3. I think the french manicure looks awesome! I'm quite sure I could never do such a good job.

  4. Would you please come to my house and teach me how to do such a perfect French look? That is beyond great :)

  5. Now that's a Frenchie I love. Glitter is the way to go. You've done a really nice manicure. Your toesies are adorable. Cherries in the Snow is an old Revlon Classic. Very pretty.

  6. crissy - :) love you sister

    tuli - aw thanks, i sure tried!

    pinkginger - thanks girl! i heart your blog!

    nosaby - i'm sure you could, believe me if i can anyone can ;) give it a go! thanks too ♥

    mary - i would love to! i'll be on the next greyhound ;)

    lucy - i know the glitter def. made the mani huh! and i enjoy red on my toes more than my tips for some reason and this is a good classic! thanks girl! (hope your leg feels better!)



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