Wednesday, July 15, 2009

essie it's genius

hello dears! i got essie it's genius for a slight discount at trade secret so i was stoked to try it out. it looks simply grand in the bottle, rich aubergine purple with gold shimmer oooh! and it was gorgeous in both natural indoor light and outside in the hot western sun. however, i had to screw it up internally. this mani never had a chance. the whole tip wrapping thing and me just isn't gonna cut it i'm afraid, kids. at least until i find a better technique. because, like i said, i really don't mind a little tip shrinkage. i just don't. also, probably more importantly, my base coat cocktail this time around was simply too thick and messed it up, so DON'T try this combo at home!
  • opi nail envy matte
  • essie fill the gap ridge filler
  • 3 coats of essie's it's genius
  • seche vite top coat

*full sun**outside morning shade*
i love this color and will wear it again minus the mistakes :)


  1. Looks really gorgeous ;D Love the colour, så fresh and shiny <3

  2. Very pretty! I've always wondered how this looked like! Thank you for posting this! : )

  3. I love th at color, it looks like it has a really pretty shimmer to it too!

  4. I've wanted this one forever! Looks great on you, I think I will have to pick this up!

  5. Love the shade on you. I guess the base was a little thick! It's a pretty color.

  6. thanks girls! i guess it's not a super original color, but i didn't have one in my collection like it so i ♥ it!


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