July 24, 2009

blueberry wink

quick post :) nucolor nc2 blueberry wink

*edit* the brand is from a MLM complany called nuskin, based here in utah, sold internationally. sadly they don't make nail polish anymore, but i have oodles, so i might have to do a giveaway with some soon!

my nephew is in town and we've had a busy week! plus my photo software is being weird so sorry for the shorty post :D love ya!


  1. Pretty! I've not heard of that brand before. The color is beautiful, so glowy. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. That is a gorgeous colour! So great for summer.

  3. Wow, nice blue! I've never heard of this brand, where did you get it? If you get a minute you'll have to let us all know how you like this brand!

  4. I've never heard of this brand either. Enjoy being with your nephew. Have a nice weekend.

  5. g0rjuz colour and ur application is flawless =D

  6. I love this colour on you! Nice!

  7. thanks ladies! he's gonna stay with my sis for the night so i get a break *phew* having kiddos is tough HAHA! he's 7 and it's been so fun but hard haha.

    and i appended the post but i'll put it here in case you don't want to check it: the nucolour nc2 brand is from a multi-level marketing company called nuskin which is based from utah but sells internationally too. it's mostly skincare, also vitamins and health supplements etc. but unfortunately they don't make nail polish anymore. my sister works for them, so i have a ton of free polishes from there. i might have to do a giveaway with some soon! (although most of them have been used at least once...not sure how you guys feel about that??) let me know what you think? i love the formula i'm so sad they don't make polish anymore.


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