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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

blue sapphire fantasy

i hope everyone had a fant-abu-lous 4th of july and celebrated by slugging back a brew or two or lighting up a bowl or a candle or sing a song or whatever ya do to chill out and kick back for a day of greatness.

so i got my package from sephora yesterday, i love USPS shipping. UPS sucks for the west coast seriously. i ordered the essie starry starry nights dupe, sephora sapphire blue. i la la love it! it's a jelly base with shimmery glitter and the more you layer the polish, the more the glitter shows through making it multi-dimensional (this is two coats). the pictures don't do it justice, seriously. plus, i haven't shaped my nails that well since i cut them all off cuz i'm letting them grow, so they don't look their best. but i still had to post these cuz i love this color! i was disappointed in the bottle volume, even though i knew how small it was in theory i was unprepared for the actual size. 0.16 oz is TINY for $5! and the formula is not great. i had some drag issues. oh well, i mostly ordered it so i could get the free sample of the matte bare minerals foundation, haha but i'm glad i did! i knew i'd never find essie's SSN, but hey maybe this is better!
*camera flash*
*direct sunlight*
so this next gold is pretty much the gold i was hoping for in the essie shifting power fiasco in the previous post, even though they are obviously different colors. (i'm not blind, haha i see it now) This notd is actually in the past tense, as i wore it saturday night thru monday afternoon. my sister in nevada who i went to visit over the weekend had a few polishes i hadn't tried out before and this was a little tiny guy buried in her collection that came with a halloween wood sprite costume kit, called "fantasy makers" by wet n' wild. that's the only name i could find on it. it's a super pretty shade. this is two coats, although i could've used three probably as it is a bit sheer still for my taste. the formula was like butter tho. if i ever see this again, i'm snatching it clean off the shelves! these pictures are both in direct sunlight (in the care on the ride home). remember to click to make them bigger!
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