Tuesday, July 20, 2010

borghese stellare notte

i don't have too many borghese, i find them a touch expensivo for my taste when it comes to drugstore polish ($8) but i just could not pass up this color! i hear it's a pretty close dupe to the UK Danish brand Gosh's purple heart. stellare notte is a gorgeous, slightly metallic, dark grey with a plummy purple and teal duochrome and there's a hint of dark blue shade (?) in there too. it's actually everything that i wish zoya's ki was.
lamp light
i had to take a billion pictures, this polish is such a chameleon!  the borghese brush intrigues me, as it has two actual "brush heads" but i'm not sure if this makes application easier or more difficult. i actually thought of this back in the day when i was a nail polish noob, hmm if only i had two brushes going down each side of my nail at once, and voila one swipe! but yeah, guess borghese already thought of that haha. the brush handle is a bit awkward but i like the bottle shape. if this company comes out with more colors that are a sexy as this one, i might be more inclined to buy some more :) despite the off-putting price and rite-aid location (i swear i'm not a snob haha).
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