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Thursday, July 15, 2010

gift from AYD

i got this bright lavender nail polish from hot topic a while ago and wasn't sure if i loved it. this swatch is two coats, it is nice and bright. it reminded me of an easter color for some reason haha. in case you're wondering, it's almost an exact dupe for color club's puccilicious, the latter is a tad more dusty and not as neon.
then i decided it was lacking something so then i pulled out a lovely polish i hadn't used in a while, golden rose 14 that i received from beautiful blogger AllYouDesire. it's an awesome scale effect flakey blue and green. it really made this polish pop!
indirect sunlight
here is another polish i received from beautiful AYD; alessandro is brand i have never tried, like golden rose. this color is a great vibrant blue with a slight purple duochrome at the edges.  i actually can't freaking find it right now to tell you all the name of the color haha, oops!

hope everyone's week is going well! keep cool if you're out in the heat!
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