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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

china glaze OMG

i haz holo for you! and who the heck doesn't like them some good ol' fashioned holographic goodness??? if you raised your hand, you can leave...j/k don't leave, but for reals? you be crazy. this polish is called OMG from the OMG! collection China Glaze did a few years back. it was in the 2BKEWL pack, so yeah i guess it was all text-speak-ese names, which is fun. i only have two others from the collection but i wish i had more of them, they're probably my second favorite holo collection ever, the first being China Glaze's Kaleidoscope polishes.

OMG is straight silver smooth holo. i used no base coat to minimize cuticle dragging (as this is known to be an issue with holos) and no top coat so as to maximize the holo effect. sex on a stick! i used to be addicted to silver, but now my true love is gold as we all know.  but i can still appreciate a hawt silver now and again :D
lamp light
who loves ya baby? OMG, i do :)
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