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Thursday, July 22, 2010

ruby red slippers

ruby red slippers was my very first deborah lippmann nail polish. i just am not a big spender when it comes to individual polishes (although, we know that i'm not a penny pincher looking at my collection as a whole haha). so trying to justify a $16-$20 purchase was a cringe-inducing task. however, from the moment i saw ruby red slippers, i knew it would be mine. i finally bought it about a month or so ago when i happened to be feeling saucy. and i was NOT disappointed!
RRS is a fabulous glitter, a black jelly base full of metallic red hexagonal shaped glitter and smaller red glitter. this polish is seriously eye-popping. these pictures cannot do it justice, in fact i may have only seen one or two photos on the WHOLE internet that make it look as amazing as it truly is *nudge, lacquerized, nudge*.  when the light hits the glitter pieces, they look like they're on fire!  it's pretty amaze-a-balls.  clean up on this was a beeyotch though, lots of acetone, lots.  but so worth it!  this is three coats.  it does dry gritty/bumpy so i recommend more than one layer of the topcoat of your choice.
lamp light
i also mattified this with china glaze's matte magic, but it was after a few days wear and my cuticles are horrific so i will save that for another post...sorro :) and for all of you wondering, orly cosmix swatches are coming ASAP!!
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