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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

chanel particulière

i have to say that i feel pretty lucky. pretty lucky to have such a fun hobby that has led me to find some of the coolest, hippest, hottest, and most amazing women on earth. i don't want to get all sappy *tear* but honestly y'all have made my life so much more whole. i adore painting my nails and never dreamed that it would become such an outlet for serenity and stress-relief and friendship. i truly consider myself lucky to have found my little niche in this blogging community and wanted to thank you all for reading what i have to say here, looking at my pictures, and laughing along with me on twitter and in the comments etc.

aaaaannnnndddd i'm also pretty lucky for another reason...because i recently won a really fantastic awesome sweet contest! i got my very first chanel nail polish, the highly coveted and mostly sold out particulière. it's the muddy taupe color that chanel came out with this past January and it's been turning heads ever since. i won this gorgeous polish from Lacroix the Beauty Blog. what a great giveaway gift! thanks so much again, i'm treasuring my little piece of icon-hood :)

the taupe mushroomy color is pretty standard, not much different than we've seen from opi, color club, eyeko, essie, etc. However, the formula and application was where i was in for a real treat. the chanel brushes are slightly odd as the brush hairs are waaay longer than i'm used to.  check out this link to see pics of the brush.  and the polish was simply butter. honestly my jaw dropped and my mouth was open the entire time i was applying this baby. flies probably got in.
lamp light
sun light, 3 days wear
 sick, gorgeous, amazing. LOVE IT! and you might say i'm now a die hard chanel fan because i was quick to order their new lacquer paradoxal :D can't wait til it arrives!
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