Tuesday, July 27, 2010

zoya julianne

this is a "current" swatch, as i confess (pfft like it's a secret) that some of the swatches i show here are relatively old news (like a month or so). this baby is from LAST NIGHT. yup extra extra read all about it! front page stuff! julieanne is from the "wicked collection" that zoya just put out and even though i have mimi, the bright purple number from the "sparkle collection" from this summer, i had to have this baby too.

julieanne is described by zoya as a byzantium sparkling metallic. yeah i don't know what byzantium means. or at least i didn't until i googled it. it even has a hex triplet! so they didn't just make that up ;) this color has an awesome dark charcoal/blackish base color that lets the royal purple shine center stage. the polish also has a bit of duochrome on the edges, it's slightly silver and almost gold sometimes. very complex. you can fall head over heels in the deep dark pool of glitter that is julieanne!
lamp light

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