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Friday, July 2, 2010

creative nail design

i've honestly never tried creative polishes before, and now they've revamped themselves i figured it was time to take some of their colors for a spin. cnd is the new "brand" moniker and they've redesigned their bottles and everything. okay well i've used creative stickey and air dry before but never their actual polishes before.
indian rhubarb is a lovely red color that went on like butter!  i usually don't go for straight reds, but this one is pretty amazing.  i was really impressed by the formula of this.  i love the cnd bottle design too, the rubber handle is really grippy and fits well in my hand. 
a little lighter IRL
color accurate
the effects polish i got is gold pearl.  the cnd polishes are separated into basic colors and then effects top coats, which you use to change the appearance of the colors.  they have varieties like sparkle, pearl, and shimmers that come in different tints.  i layered the gold pearl on top of indian rhubarb and didn't especially love the effect, as pearl to me equals frost, but i can see the merit of the idea.  i really want to get the sugar sparkle effects polish they have out now.
inkwell is your basic black polish.  i don't have another basic black if you can believe it haha so i was glad to have this one.  it also went on incredibly smooth and opaque.  i definitely recommend cnd and can't wait to get me some new colors!  **EDIT** - i may be a bit dense but just realized that this color is in fact a dark dark inky blue.  call me a dum dum if you want haha.  but honestly it looks pretty much black if you ask me haha.  you can tell it's blue by the bottle better than you can on the nail.
and no i did not cut my nails haha, these pictures are just from my back log of ones that i haven't posted yet :)

the above mentioned product/products were sent to me for review.
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