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Friday, July 16, 2010

diamond cosmetics spring collection

yikes! i have had these swatches FOR-EV-ER! and i'm just now posting them? how bad do i suck?? pretty bad. diamond cosmetic's spring collection this year seemed a bit safe at first glance, but the different finishes made the polishes really stand out in my opinion.

serendipity is a semi-frosty shimmery pale baby blue. this isn't the color i usually go for but i really really liked it on me. this is two coats.
tranquility is a light turquoise-ish slightly minty blue creme that is pretty great.  idk why i don't have more diamond cosmetics polishes, they're so great and so affordable.  this is two coats, and you can see i did an excellent clean up job with this swatch (sarcasm).
orange blush was an unexpected pleasant surprise.  an orange jelly that has a tinge of peachyness to it.  i really like it!  i found it extremely flattering and appropriate for spring. three coats.
razzmatazz isn't my type of color, but it looks GOOD y'all!  a pale pink rosey shimmer frost color with a flash of blue.  three coats on this guy. i have to admit, i would not pick this up if i saw it in stores, but honestly i'm really glad i have it cuz it looks way nice on me hee hee :)
hot lips is SUPER hawt :D a hot pink jelly?? uhh yes please!  three coater.
gypsy pink is probably my least favorite out of this collection.  darkish pink shimmer with slight frostyiness, blue flash.  meh, a little boring.  two coats.
you can still get these colors at Diamond Cosmetic's online store.  and they're only $2.25 :)

disclosure: this product/products were sent to me for review purposes.
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