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Sunday, July 11, 2010

essie spam

hey hey hey now! here are a bunch of essie polishes that i haven't posted yet :)

essie's mink muffs was a gift from the beautiful miss maria from polishing the nails!.  it came in the same package as the gorgeous barry m racing green i showcased in the post before last.  this polish is a gorgeous muddy taupe, in the grand tradition that rang so hot last winter and early spring.  this one is a bit darker than most, almost going into the chocolate family.  i adore this polish even though this collection from essie seemed to stink a bit more than the others for some reason.  and these pictures aren't focused very well...ew sorry.
essie van d'go was something i was hesitant on purchasing, but finally did in a moment of weakness.  even after i swatched it i wasn't a hundred percent sold on it.  however looking back, i'm glad i have this polish.  it was really smooth and easy to work with, non streaky and non chalky although i've heard some people have had a hard time with it.  a lovely peachy pink color and very flattering.  it does dry darker than the bottle color but i don't mind.
essie chubby cheeks is sooooo gorgeous and might be my second favorite essie color ever (it's sister, cute as a button is my first favorite).  it is a to die for coraly orange-red that has amazing shinyness.  it takes about three coats to get great opacity but that never bothers me.  this is perfect and is super becoming with my skin.
and of course i had to see what this beauty looked like with sally hansen hidden treasure flaky polish on top. it's gorj of course!
and last but not least for today, essie mint candy apple.  i'm sure i've said this before, but a mint candy apple sounds friggen gross.  i would not eat one.  and i luuuuurrrvveee me some candy apples.  this color on the other hand, is plenty yummy.   it's a beautiful mint color, straight up bluey mint too, very cool toned.  it's thick and pretty goopey thought so unfortunately hard to work with.  i had to thin mine a little.  but once you have it on it is worth the work.  splendid!  hope you can still snatch this baby up if you haven't already!
hope you've had an awesome weekend! don't forget to enter my july giveaway :D
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