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Friday, July 30, 2010

Glam Rock Cosmetics

hey girls! here's the deal. i'm not super stylish. i know this may come as a shock to you, but it's true. fashion has always been interesting to me, but it's never been something i've been super into for myself. i like to be comfortable, jeans and a t-shirt is what you'll find me wearing 98% of the time, not gonna lie. however, i also love to express myself and be girly. this is the main reason i love doing my nails. it allows me to show my femininity and style w/o being caught up in wardrobe choices that i don't care about.

another awesome way that i love to express my girly and sexy side is by my makeup, of course! i've always loved makeup but only have gotten "good" at it in the last few years. watching tutorials on youtube has helped me tremendously. i love to do fun shadow looks and play up my hazel eyes. in the last little while though, i've found myself getting in a rut almost. choosing brown, neutral shadows every single day? bo-ring. pretty still but meh, it was getting old.

so when i first heard about glam rock cosmetics on twitter, i decided to check out their website and see what was up. they're a new company and i'm always up for supporting smaller businesses.

their mission statement: We are here to provide you with best makeup at an affordable price. Our philosophy is the brighter the better! Satisfying our customers is our number one goal and what better way to do that then with highly pigmented products!

i got two pigments, an eyeshadow, a star paint, and a blush from them to try out. they had fast shipping, i got my products in about three days (it mentions to allow 10 days for shipping on the website) and i know that it's a flat rate for shipping charges of $5, and if you spend over $50 you get free s/h. and they do ship internationally :)

anyway on to the goodies!! they are in the process of relabeling all their stock right now, so these have the old labels on them, i've included their correct names in the photos.
please click to enlarge

i know my eyes are bloodshot haha, they always are

so here's what i think:  the shadow (gold) is really easy to work with, it glides on easily and feels creamy almost in texture.  it also blends well.  the star paint (bright purple) in my crease was a bit harder to blend but the color payoff is awesome.  these can also be worn wet or dry for more intense looks.  the pigment called trail was what i used in my outer corner; it's described as a deep eggplant and it's seriously awesome.  it has purple sparkles in it and i just about died when i put it on because it was so gorgeous.  i topped the look with a matte highlight by maybelline in champagne, brown covergirl eyeliner, and black covergirl lash blast mascara.

i used the blush called corporate because i've been wanting to try different blushes on me.  i've only EVER used nars deep throat.  i'm not much of a blush girl haha.  this was nice and really pigmented without being overwhelming.  i think it warms up my complexion nicely, kind of like a bronzer almost!  i have this curse of having a perma-fair face compared to the rest of my body.  i don't know why but it's super annoying.

would i try other colors from GRC?  hell yeah!  i really like what i've got to use so far, and i can't wait to try the other pigment, carrie (coral with gold sparkles) in a nice warm bronzey look.  i think they are priced well and have really fun colors and are made very well.  i also really like the packaging, it feels so simple and clean.  you can also pop out the pans in the shadow and paints if you want to put them in a palette.

so what do you think?  do you like what i got?  would you check out glam rock cosmetics?  what are your favorite "independent" makeup brands?  and please don't make fun of my makeup skills too much, haha.  this is the first real makeup look i've shown on here so let me know if you hate it haha, it's possible i should stick to nails O_o 
this product/products were sent to me for review purposes. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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