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Monday, July 26, 2010

color club ultra violet

ok so i've heard that this polish is a total lemming and highly coveted one from some people, and from others they're indifferent about it or don't like it at all. you might be saying, well yeah i guess every polish is like that. but it just seems people really like/want this guy or really don't want/like it. what's up with that? anyway, i happened to get my hands on it pretty easily at a local beauty supply store and then got it a second time in a pack of the collection it came in, electro candy so i used it that one in a giveaway.

color club ultra violet is a very pretty and fun polish in my opinion, tho i have yet to wear it as a full manicure. it's shocking electric purple with a blue/green flash. the whole collection (which i'll get around to swatching one of these days) is like this but this color seems to lend itself best to the flashy combo. this is three coats the polish is slightly watery. it dries matte, as it is a neon so these photos have a topcoat on them. i believe i used the color club vivid intensifying topcoat; it's a really thin formula with a slight hint of blue in it, i guess that's what makes it "vivid".

lamp light
  i'm definitely on the side of the "ultra violet lovers" here. what about you?
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