Saturday, July 3, 2010

no more war

hello everyone! i hope you are all having a fabulous weekend, and for those of you in the states i hope your independence day festivities are off to a rousing fun start. today i have to show you a rescue beauty lounge polish that i borrowed from a friend. no more war! fitting considering the 4th of july is about the end of a war, right? at least yeah...well haha anyway! so this color is one of those weirdo freaky kind of "ugly" colors that go around the polish world. i couldn't wait to try it because i know it has quite a cult status and has been sold out on the rbl website for a while (however they have just started offering it again). it's a deep olive creme polish that could be called camouflage color. here are the results of the test drive i took with this baby.
lamp light
so conclusion? i do not love this unfortunately. i really like it on other people, but for some reason it just looked yucky on me. i felt like i had dirt or swamp mess (baby poop?) or something on my nails and that is not the feeling a girl wants from a well executed manicure. it's not a terrible color it just does not appeal to me. what do you all think? do you own no more war? what do you love or hate about it?
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