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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

china glaze zombie zest

ok kiddos, i sometimes feel blech about posting some polishes, because i know a lot of you have seen them a million times and that might get boring, yeah? except then i thought about all of those folks who might not read other blogs or only a few, etc. and those who just don't ever get sick of seeing the same stuff. i'm one of the latter, i really don't mind seeing a hundred swatches of the same polish! why? because it always looks different :) each blogger has their own style and application and the polish is always presented in a new way. i find this to be my favorite part of reading blogs, other than finding new pretties, is to see the creative and fun ways people present their words and photos. so what i'm getting at is, i hope you all feel the same and don't mind me posting photos of super publicized polishes, because if i have them, i'm going to post about them sooner or later :D

zombie zest is one of china glaze's halloween polishes that came out this year and it is seriously the bee's knees! i couldn't stop staring at my nails when i wore it, it was so gorgeous. even my sister who normally hates weird colors like this, absolutely fell in love with it. it's kind of olive toned sheerish green toned with lots of gold green flecks of shimmer in it. two coats looked good, but i think three coats is my sweet spot for most polishes, and this guy looked awesome in three.
i love how the green kind of looks faded at the edge, like a gradient, very swamplike :D  plus, i'm kinda in love with zombie anything so i was SOOO getting this polish at any cost haha!


i bought this myself. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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