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Monday, October 11, 2010

nubar finest silks part 1

nubar's newest collection, inspired by the gorgeous posh fabrics of fashion, is a total A+. i think this is the first entire nubar collection that i've really fell in love with! 7 creams and 1 pearl polish, all in luxurious hues that really set the mood for this fall season.  there are similar colors in this collection, but i think that they want to make sure everyone can find the color that flatters their unique skin tone, which is really smart.

sateen is a deep, vivid red. this has got that jelly crème texture to it that i love. very intensely pigmented! two coats are all that is needed for this beauty.  this is a gorgeous red!  reminds me of the heroine in Moulin Rouge :)  i like Nicole Kidman because we share a birthday and i LOVE GINGERS!
pekin is another red but a brighter and warmer red than sateen. this is more crème than jelly crème but still has that almost transparent quality, but it's opaque haha. hope that made sense. this is also two coats. very flattering on me i think!
marabout is totally my kind of color.  very similar to opi's you don't know jacques, but slightly different (i'll be doing a comparison post soon).  very brown grey taupey with a hint of smokiness.  really flattering!  this is three coats (cos i messed up on one finger, it was opaque in two).
chiffon is the lighter of the two brown/taupes in this collection.  i like it but not as much as marabout.  i think everyone can find something they love in this collection, without necessarily having to have the entire set, but i'm glad i do ;)  this is two coats.  chiffon really reminds me of milky chocolate, yum!
stay tuned for the second half coming soon!


these products were sent to me for an honest review. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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