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Monday, October 11, 2010

nubar finest silks part 2

hey friends, here are the next four polishes in the set of the newest nubar collection!

i wasn't sure if i was going to like organza at all but it turns out i really do like it.  the pearl/frost finish of the white would normally spell disaster for me, but with this polish it works!  there is visible brush strokes but that is to be expected and if you have a light touch there shouldn't be a problem.  i love the fact that there is only one pearl in this collection though, any more and i don't know if i could've handled it as well ;)  this is three coats.  i think this looks so clean and "polished" (no pun intended).
moire is really similar to another polish in this series, in fact i had to re-check and double check my bottle pictures to make sure which was which (it's lighter in the bottle picture for some  this one is a light pinky red tinted brown.  it was actually a lot prettier than i even imagined, and i thought it was going to be great to begin with.  this is two coats.
taffeta is the one that is real similar to moire.  it is a tan-ish peachy tinted brown.  this one i thought i wouldn't love that much, but again, i really do like it.  this is two coats.
and last and probably my favorite of the second half is charmeuse.  it's described as a "blush neutral" by nubar.  very flattering and this would be really nice as a work-appropriate shade.  this is two coats.
so that's it for Finest Silks f/w 2010 :)  what do you think??


these products were sent to me for an honest review. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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