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Thursday, October 7, 2010

glitter gal 3D holographic

glitter gal makes some of THE BEST holographic nail polishes i have ever used. meaning they are sooo holographic, they are even blingy inside without sun and without scattered sparkles (although they do have a "sparkle" collection too!). there are 16 different colors to choose from in their holo selection and even more in their salon polishes and their limited edition "bling" range.

this is their holographic copper polish. it's not exactly what i would call "copper" but it's not just pink either, it's got an edge to it. this is honestly the hottest holo i've ever worn or come into contact with! this is two coats. it dried a bit slower than the average holo, but who cares with these kind of rainbow effects! i could NOT stop staring at my hands the day i wore this polish!
next up is their holographic green, again not particularly screaming "green" but still a lovely silvery seafoam green. this one dried a lot slower on me and i got bubbles the first time i painted, but i re-did the mani, slower and waited longer in between coats and it worked out nicely! i did get a smudge on one finger (darn it!) in the sun pictures, because i went to bed immediately after i painted and took the lamp light and flash pictures.  and i never wear a topcoat on holos, so as not to dilute the holo effect. this is two coats.
have you tried any glitter gal polishes yet?  they are based in australia, and their shipping is pricey, but what can ya do, i need these!! i am dying to get their red holo and deep green sparkle!  i do wish the bottles were bigger, .3 fl oz for about $10 is a bit small :/  but i can't help but rave about them anyway, i am just blown away by their blingtasticness!


this product was sent to me for an honest review. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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