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Friday, October 1, 2010

just a little dangerous

hi chickie-doodles! i hope your week is great but i'm happy mine is coming to an end *phew*! it's been alright, but i'm soo ready for the weekend :) does anyone have any fun plans? i am going to take it easy and study mostly. and do some major swatching! i got a nice big swap package from my lovely friend Sarah and have many more polishes that i haven't worn that i need to get swatching for ya and just myself haha!

this polish is by sephora by opi, called just a little dangerous from the rocker chic collection. it's the only one i bought from that one, it just didn't look appealing to me really. (i can't believe i'm showing this to you w/o posting the rest of my havana nights swatches haha oh well.) it's an "opaque metallic amethyst" according to their product description and "a dark, mysterious wine shade with an attitude". alright. i see it more as a leaning-towards-the-red-side-of-purple color with an awesome multi-tonal effect, but it's definitely not a metallic color. more shimmer i'd say. definitely worth $9. this is three coats.
la la love ya!


i bought this product myself. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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