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Friday, October 29, 2010

milani bare it all

the milani bare it all collection is full of naked people! not really, but if you address your polishes like real live entities, as i do haha, then it kind of does! these colors are all nudes, neutrals, and soft pinks, lovely and minimalist.  their slogan for this set is "less is more" and ya know what?  sometimes i have to agree :)

truth or bare is a creamy peach that doesn't give me mannequin hands, but warms them up just a smidge.  two coats on a nude?? unheard of!
bare with me is a pale pink shade that we've all see a billion times, but that's alright.  she's right at home in this collection.  three coats on this milky creme.
bare necessity (did anyone else just start singing the song from The Jungle Book just now?) is a pinky taupe creme.  this is the only one that i didn't terribly love, though the formula was top notch.  i messed up one nail which is why you only see three...sorry.  two coats.
there is also teddy bare (a particulière dupe), bare to wear (a grey taupe), and bare in mind (an iridescent pink) in this collection.  have any of you tried these yet?  how do you like these neutral collections that are showing up?  i rather like them though i usually only find about one or two "must-have" colors in the bunch.


these products were sent to me for an honest review. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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