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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

milani neons

i have an TON of milani nail polishes that i have yet to show you, shame on me! but as my friend Nihrida said in a post this week, it's overwhelming sometimes when i think about all the unworn and unpublished polishes that i have.  that may sound ridiculous to you but it's true. i seriously need to have 50 hands or to wear skittles every day to be able to get through all the polish that i have :D

totally 80's looks like it might be wasabi colored, i.e. greenish yellow, according to the opaque bottle shade, but turns out it's simply a neon yellow jelly. not the brightest yellow i've ever seen, the hot topic one i have probably takes the cake on that. this one was still streaky after four thick coats, but dried well and without bubbles which was nice.
dude blue applied like a friggen DREAM! almost a creme, but a bit watery and it is neon but not BLAM in your face neon. i almost got away with one coat on this guy! but did two to cover the tiniest hint of vnl. love it.  these neons dry with the satin finish, but this was probably the least "satiny" of them.
awesome orange was probably my favorite out of these guys.  i really enjoy oranges, more than the average polish consumer i think :)  this jelly neon just really hit the mark for me, amazing opaque coverage, no vnl after two coats, and great intensity.  the milani brush gives me trouble sometimes but on this entire collection it covered pretty nicely.
pink rocks! is a shocking pink neon.  nothing really new here, but i actually really enjoyed this pink :)  i bought a second one for a giveaway i sent to a lucky girl.  two coats and still a bit streaky but that's cool.  sometimes neon doesn't need to be perfect because the resulting color "burst" blurs out any imperfections anyway!
fresh teal is the polish i thought was going to be my favorite but ended up falling a tad flat, although i still think it's a lovely color.  it's another kinda neon, kinda creme color.  this is two coats.  brighter and more turquoise than the opaque bottle color suggests.
and last is rad purple, another one that's inside color is vastly different from the bottle wrapper color.  weird and kind of annoying, but whatev.  i like the actual color better than the bottle color anyways.  i've heard folks compare this to deborah lippmann's call me irresponsible. ( i might do a comparison soon.)  i found this hard to get even looking unfortunately, though and my swatch is streaky :(   three coats.
*whew* more milanis to come folks :)  and giveaway winners to be announced SOON!!!


these products were sent to me for an honest review. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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