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Sunday, October 17, 2010

random pic spam

nyx las vegas is a sexy green that covers well in two coats. i usually like weird bottle shapes but the nyx bottle turns me off :/ oh well this color is so hawt! a must have.
sinful colors soul mate is a lovely medium pink with not much remarkableness, but i totally love it.  goes really well with any skin tone and is a very work appropriate shade.  this is two coats.
pure ice is a walmart brand polish that comes out with pretty great colors, i don't know why i don't have more of them actually.  this is one of my favorites, twinkle.  it's a mango orangey coral with gold orange shimmer.  two coats :)
icing skinny dip is another lovely work appropriate shade that is rather unremarkable but still called enough to me to buy it so i obviously liked it, haha.  it's a nice light pale pink with subtle shimmer.  this is two coats.  i remember this one being a bit thick.
essie lolipop is a stunner, and one of my very favorite jellies ever.  it's a red WHAM POW shade that essie really set the bar on.  this is two coats on my nubbins.
china glaze's midnight ride is part of the rodeo diva collection, my favorite collection ever.  it's a dark and glowy purple that is kin to gussied up green and rodeo fanatic.  adore this!  two coats.
sinful colors plunie plum is kind of a weird unique mauve color.  i really love this frosty shade.  it was very flattering on my skin tone.  i made it matte with china glaze's matte magic topcoat and it was even prettier.  two coats.
color club feel the beat is an orangey red almost marbled polish that came from the the musique collection color club put out a while ago.  i got this as a present from my dear friend niki aka magic maid.  thanks girl!  this is three coats.
maybelline wet shine series were some of the best polishes ever!  so cute and very wearable.  this one is called peach gleam.  another polish i got from miss niki, on a blog sale.  this is three coats.
catrice is a european brand but i got this from my stateside friend miss ange-marie on a blog sale.  soft lilac is a gorgeous shimmery pale purple that is really beautiful and classic.  this is three coats.
new york summer aramanth is probably the ultimate grass green jelly out there.  if you are a green lover, you need this polish.  kind of a problem child for application, but the old school jellies usually are.  this is four coats.
sinful colors you just wait looks like the topcoat that was left out of the zoya reverie collection, i mean if there was one.  sheer pink wash with gold shimmer and not really my usual style, for some reason this baby just called to me.  three coats and still very sheer looking, in real life there is almost enough shine and shimmer to look totally covered!  i adore this and it would look great layered i'm sure.
 *whew* hope that wasn't too much for ya on this gorgeous (rainy) sunday :)  love ya!


i purchased these myself. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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