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Monday, October 11, 2010

zoya fire & ice aka flame collection

this is the first time i have ever had the chance to review a full zoya collection and i am thrilled that it is this one! zoya's new fire and ice collection for the fall/winter season of 2010 is all about shimmer and metallic particles of sexiness! there are six shades in the collection and all of them were two coaters except one.
let's start with my favorite, gloria.  this is a gorgeous pinky rose color with chunky gold metallic particles, but it's not chunky in formula, it's very foil-like.  (i highly recommend clicking on the photos to enlarge them, for all of these :D)
crystal is a gorgeous icey blue color with more of that chunky gold foil particle, so modern and sexy but still really classy and chic!  i don't loooove the color so much on me but i bet it would be smashing on lighter or darker skin tones.  the blue and yellow just pop against each other, yeah?
lisa is an uber happy bright fun red!  yay for shimmer says zoya, with this baby!  this one has a gold duochrome, instead of a foil like some of the others.  love this one!
sarah is a gorgeous red shimmer, the deeper of the two reds in this collection.  these polishes have amazing depth that can really only be seen in person, so have mercy on me, i tried to do my best to capture it in these photos :)
valerie didn't really excite me when i first saw the promo images, i was feeling a little burnt out on purples, but this baby really kicked it up a notch!  this is a plummy purple duochrome with pink and gold shimmer!  super gorgeous!  wish my pictures really could show it's elegance, but like i said, you HAVE to see these in real life to appreciate them fully!  this is the color i used three coats on because i had a bit of cuticle drag, but it could've been a fluke.
tiffany is also a stunner, and i liked it way more than i thought i would.  it's a peach champagne color, reminding me of my days in middle school sneaking sips of my friends' moms' arbor mist HAHA.  this one also has that chunky gold foil effect, and i have to say i'm diggen it!  i really like foils, they always wear like iron on me!
i think this is a whole collection of winners!  what do you think?  have you all picked out any favorites from fire and ice yet?


these products were sent to me for an honest review. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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