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Sunday, October 17, 2010

icing vs. chanel

icing the accessory and beauty chain store sells a brand of nail polish that you may or may not be familiar with. i've shown you a few swatches of them on my blog before. it's safe to say i'm a fan. their brush is large and wide, their formula is usually decent and they come out with new colors all the time, and good ones too. plus they're pretty cheap. another big plus is that they often times do duplicate colors of popular shades in other brands.

chanel came out with a three piece collection called Noir Et Or Paris-Shanghai that included a solid metallic gold, a flaky iridescent glittery gold glaze, and a matte black. a few weeks ago i saw a three piece set in a local icing store in my closet mall that had a similar color scheme, a solid metallic gold, a flaky iridescent glittery gold glaze, and a solid black.
as far as price goes, icing has chanel beat. chanel = $25 each, icing = $12.99 for set of 3. how about in terms of all the other stuff? well, not having the chanels, i wouldn't be the best judge but i can go off of what i have read on other blogs. they seem to be basically the same idea and the average consumer wouldn't know the difference at a glance.

this is one coat of the black (the icings are all no names in this 3 piece set) over my faux Halloween Dita claws, and one coat of the iridescent gold.  good opaque black, but can't really compare it with black velvet because it isn't matte.  the glitter is awesome, slightly more coppery in hue than illusion d'Or.
this is two coats of the no name gold.  it is warmer and slightly more coppery than chanel's gold lame.  good quality, slightly brush-strokey but that is to be expected from a metallic.
so who says a "save" isn't as good as a "splurge" :)


i purchased these products myself. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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