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Monday, October 18, 2010

china glaze fortune teller

this is swatch 2.0 for this blog, because my first one was icky icky poo. china glaze's halloween special polishes for 2009 were called fortune teller and spellbound. i have yet to get my greedy hands on spellbound (hint for any one who wants to get me a present!) but i was lucky enough to snag two bottles of fortune teller. and for good reason, because it is probably my second favorite china glaze polish EVER!  (in case you're interested, i think the first would have to be the classic ruby pumps)

deep black fudgy sludgy base with different sizes of sequin orange glitter pieces, this is the epitome of halloween. it is a bit of a hassle to apply and doesn't wear that great. i almost never get chips and even i have trubs with this guy. but just LOOK! LOOK AT THE GLORY! *sigh* i will take this to my grave i think, i love it that much!
please don't mind my angry red cuticles, i had just AHA'd them and *yikes* cut them :( i know i know, it's bad to cut, and i need to stop.  it's a sickness!


i purchased this myself. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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