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Monday, October 25, 2010

wicked fairytale

i think i need to stop doubting things. everytime i think i won't particularly love something, then i wear it, i totally turn 180 degrees and fall head over heels for it. take these two nail polishes from deborah lippmann, wicked game and today was a fairytale. i thought they both were alright, but wasn't sure if they were really "me". well that went out the window as soon as i had them on my fingernails. they are SOOOOO me!

wicked game is a total bombshell, a "multi-chrome" polish that flashes silver, purple, green, and even blue. this is three coats. i also wasn't sure if this would work for me because metallic colors tend to have mega brush strokes. not this guy! every which way i moved my hands, my tips would change colors and reflect differently with the light. tres bien! me likey :)
today was a fairytale is one of the lippmann holiday colors for 2010. it's got a gold label (woot!) and is infused with "virgin diamond powder". it is a few dollars higher than a regular lippmann polish at $20, but you gals who dig the bling might just need to deal and snatch this baby up anyway! i was skeptical, not gonna lie, it looked kind of just like a silver glitter with a tinge of blue in the promo images i had seen, but then i kept hearing so much buzz about it that i decided that it was worth a try.
it has tons of silver glitter, large sequins and smaller dots, that is pretty densely packed, much more so than it's cousin some enchanted evening. the base is slightly cornflower blue colored, and it can be built up to almost opacity which is a HUGE plus for me. the day i got it, i was wearing wicked game, but could not wait to wear it, so i decided to layer this baby on top. HOLY BLING! seriously, these pictures do not do the look justice, all you could see was silvery blue bling with hints of that purple silver peeking out. my mani was blinding! this is two coats of TWAF over wicked game.
proof that you can't judge a polish til you've got it on your fingers :)


these products were sent to me for an honest review. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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