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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

china glaze peace on earth

china glaze's holiday collection "naughty and nice" is HUGE!  mega huge.  i've had a lack of sun these days, so i'll definitely try to post them as i get them swatched, but big collection posts are hard to do (especially since all my big term papers are coming up due soon) lately.  sun photos are easiest to do with my new camera and i think they look better than flash photos, but i do try to include both a lot of the time.

the first color that caught my eye and BEGGED to be worn was peace on earth (heh heh, peas on earth, cuz it's pea colored, heh heh).  it's an olive green metallic, which is pretty cool to see in a christmas collection, new and different!  i like it but i don't love it, application was a bit tough and i can see those brush strokes that i loathe.  all in all though, the color is super pretty.  two coats.
the second i saw this color i thought about how it would compare to opi's at your quebec and call, a long time lemming of mine which i recently acquired.
quebec is more brown toned and richer, it also is waaay nicer to apply, but it is non big-3 free which is always easier for me :/  peace is very much the greener of the two and more metallic.  if you want a christmasy olive?  pick peace.  if you want a no fuss olive that is sexy hawt?  pick quebec.  two coats for both.

this product was sent to me for an honest review. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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