Saturday, October 2, 2010

halloween party

so my family is a little kooky (or just really busy) because we had our annual halloween party at the beginning of the month! and i of course, forgot and left my costume to the last minute. (but can ya blame me? it was the freaking 2nd day of October! haha) so i went to my trusty internet and found a 30 second halloween costume and it's my favorite thing ever...a ninja! i got the mask idea from one of michelle phan's tutorial videos on youtube (she's not my favorite "guru" but i appreciated this vid haha). i put a shirt over my head and tied the sleeves behind, and viola! add black clothes, gloves and some kung-fu and you gotcha a costume :D
here's me and my sister Clarrisa dressed up as a gypsy. probably the best picture of me ever cuz you can't see the rest of mah face! *wacka wacka wacka* haha anyway, i'll be back with more nails tomorrow :) love ya!

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