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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

milani dress maker

i have limited access to milani as a brand in stores, but knew i HAD to have their new polish dress maker. why? because it is a dupe for the immensely coveted chanel jade polish from last year. and because i'm obsessed with mint greens :) so a lovely friend on twitter offered to find it for me! so nice!!

this green is literally perfection. amazing mintyness but not too pale, not too bright, with subtle green/silvery shimmer! this is three coats because it was a tad thick.
i have since realized that i could've ordered it online really easily haha. and it so happens that i visited my hometown like two weeks after i got this bottle and was able to find the entire Haute Value collection on display in a local CVS haha. so i picked up a new bottle and just had a contest for it on my facebook page :) congrats again Christina! be sure to become a fan of my page, as there might be more FB only giveaways coming up there soon ^_^


i received this as a gift from a friend. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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