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Friday, August 13, 2010

banana puddin' & haul

i have a big wish list. i don't think i'm aspiring too high or something like that, i just like to know what i want! keeping track of them in a spreadsheet is the way i've found to organize them, to help me keep them in mind so eventually i will get to them haha. it's like keeping a goal list or something. because it's easy to say oh yeah i want that one day but then forget about it and then come across it someday and pass it by :P anyway, my point is that i have gotten a few of my "wish list" items recently and i'm pretty excited about it.

perhaps my FIRST lemming since i started blogging is maybelline banana puddin'. it's long discontinued and hard to find. the sexy pale creamy custardy yellow creme is very milky and slightly sheer, but i was prepared for that. this is 5 coats, and you can see the weird imploded trapped bubbles below the topcoat but i don't care haha. this color does not disappoint at all and i feel like it's very flattering on me.
(oopsie, smudge!)
lamp light
i got some nail mail today and wanted to share some pictures with you. i wanted to mention that these are all from my new camera, which i'm still getting used to. it's a canon sx210 powershot and i am not quite sure if i like it yet, but i'm getting close.

this is another one of my hugest lemmings, opi ds fantasy. a gorgeous dark blue with the diamond dust holo glitter. *siiiiiiigh*
this polish is called opi at your quebec & call, from the canada collection back in the day. another one of my hugest wants! it's an awesome olive golden green with shimmer.
i also got some amazing streetwear polishes from Claudia over at Chromatic Misadventures, thanks girl! i seriously think they should be making more polishes like this, bring back the brand revlon!
i was also VERY happy to see a sweet package on my porch when i got home from CND with some polishes to review. i have to say i love their bottle design, but i haven't tried a lot of their stuff. excited to see how they work out.
welp, that's the all i have to show you today :) did you enjoy? how do the pictures look, i'm still a bit worried about it o_O have a great weekend everyone *kisses*
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