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Monday, August 2, 2010

chanel paradoxal

*sigh* chanel. need i say more? well, not much more :) this polish is the first chanel MUST-HAVE-IT-BUY-IT-IMMEDIATELY $23 polish i have ever bought. and i do not regret it for one second.

chanel paradoxal is a grey violet polish with a hint of purple shimmer buried in it. hells bells, i seriously could not live without this baby, from the second i saw the fall promo pictures for this, i knew i had to have it. inside it seems dark and mysterious but has a hint of something different, while outside it shimmers and glows. and the chanel formula has become like crack to me, ever since i got chanel paticuliere in a contest, i cannot get over how creamy dreamy their polishes are! sincerely amazing. this is two coats with a coat of seche over it.
lamp light
have you snatched up this gorgeous beauty yet?  whatcha waiting for??
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