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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

nox twilight talon

here is another nox twilight nail polish, the most requested one in fact--at least to me to be swatched out of the few that i told y'all i was going to review for you.
talon is a gorgeous blue that has a bit of a teal shimmer to it, but that could just be the light honestly. it's not the most opaque blue i've ever used, but it covers nicely in two coats. it goes on very smooth and shiny and i have no complaints!
lamp light
now, in grand tradition of my last post on the twilight polishes (in the comments section haha), i will pick a new name for this one too. i feel like the polish names are DUMB, so to be productive rather than complaining every time i show you a new one, i'll just rename it myself ^_^ i will call this one bella as it just fits and she wears blue a lot, because edward likes it right?? *sigh* yes i'm nerdy.


this product/products were sent to me for review purposes. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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