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Thursday, August 19, 2010

more cnds

what can i say? cnd cremes are lovely. highly pigmented and rich and they apply very smooth. their "genius" comes in with their effects polishes.  they are sparkles, shimmers, and pearl topcoats in different hues. cnd gives you 50 colors and 15 effects and that essentially equals endless combinations.  plus you can use the effects on polishes you already have.  i am not super into layering, so honestly, this line isn't extremely appealing to me. however i do see its merit and there is one topcoat effect (sugar sparkle!) that i do want really badly haha.

but for real i can appreciate their cremes, mostly because i love me some cremes! it's my favorite finish--no joke. i just love the way they look on me, very simple yet you can get crazy with the colors. and they photograph extremely well haha. so naturally, i like the color line from cnd. but $9 for a .33 bottle of polish is a bit pricey in my opinion, considering i can get a bottle of china glaze for $5-6 and that's .5 oz, or even an opi for $8 and that's .5 oz as well. oh well, let's see some pics, already you say. ok i'll stop rambling ;)
eclectic purple is a nice purple, not particularly noteworthy. it does appear to be flattering on my skintone but i wouldn't necessarily pick it off a shelf. it did apply amazingly, as anticipated :)
lamp light

i used the effects sapphire sparkle, a blue tinged fine glitter topcoat, and violet shimmer, a purple shine glaze over the top of eclectic purple to see what kind of look i could get.
i like both of those better, but again, i'm not much of a layer-er...maybe i should start doing it more haha!

taffy pink is more of a pop princess kind of pink.  again, not really my style, but cute nonetheless.  creamy lovely again.  *sigh* i feel a bit boring writing about these.  there's just not much to say about them.  they are very simple, and i'm sure that is exactly how cnd intended them to be.
lamp light
sun light
again, i added the effects to see how it changed the look of the polish.  the effects were more subtle on this lacquer shade.
i have three more colors to show you from this cnd "haul".  i bet you're so excited ;)  have a great one my sweeties!

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