Friday, August 6, 2010

china glaze branding iron

i have to say that i truly believe in china glaze :) they are amazing. the polish i have to show you today is from their "rodeo diva" collection and it is by far my most favorite collection ever. it is full of glowy, succulent, and indulgent colors and this one is no exception. branding iron is the sexiest type of burgundy, deep, vampy and still shimmery enough to catch your eye. *drools uncontrollably* i was lucky enough to find this gem and a few other older ChG's in a local beauty supply store. they had the entire collection about a year ago, and i passed it by because i was such a nail polish noob i had no idea what i was looking at half the time. i constantly punch myself (figuratively) thinking about that!
lamp light
what are you kids up to this fine weekend?  i'll be swatching and studying for most of it :) i'm BOR-ing, but it works haha.
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