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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

nox twilight debutante

helloooo everyone!  i hope you are having a wonderful tuesday.  today i have to show you a polish from the new "nox twilight nail polish" collection.  here's some information about them.

Nox Twilight nail polish is the newest edition of products from Twilight Beauty. Inspired by the powerful Cullen coven, this line of professional quality nail polish prominently features the enduring Cullen crest on the center of each bottle.

Buy your favorite shades or splurge on the Ultimate Collection of all 12 shades at a exclusive price of $65 (a $84 value).

To reflect each unique member of this clan, Nox Twilight provides a wide array of shades:

Red Velvet - Classic cherry red
Chiffon - Soft delicate pink
Debutante - Fresh peachy-pink
Sugar Plum - Plummy iridescent
Disco Darling - Glimmer shimmer
Wine & Dine - Sparkling champagne
Talon - Forbidding navy
Sangria - Vampy bordeaux
Black Tie - Best-dressed black
Poseidon - Sky blue
Crush - Sassy hot pink
Citrus - Energizing bright orange

*bold colors will be reviewed later on my blog*
sooo we all know that twilight is an international craze so naturally anything twilight is going to sell like hotcakes.  i myself, loooove twilight, except i'm more of a lover of the books than the movies (at least these days, i used to LUUURVE me some Rob Pattinson).  i was very interested in seeing these polishes in real life, as the promo pictures weren't very exciting to me.

well, i have to report, that i'm not terribly in love with a few things, and other things i really like.  for starters, all the polishes i've tried have excellent formulas.  very opaque and pigmented colors.  however, the bottle design has got to be the tackiest thing i've ever seen.  it looks like they took the chunky faux metal Cullen crest and glued it onto the first empty polish bottle they could find.  the brush handle is a bit awkward but not too bad, but the actual brush is fine.  and the polish names??? puuuhh-lease!  seriously, crushdisco-darling?  HONESTLY??  what's wrong with something ACTUALLY RELATING TO TWILIGHT OR VAMPIRES?!  the colors they came up with are all really fun and rich, but the names make them sound really dumb in my humble opinion.  oh well, i know a lot of people are not of the same opinion so whatevs.  that's just my two cents.

here is debutante, an iridescent goldy peachy pink with a hint of mauve.  i was expecting this color to be very sheer, but it was actually perfect in two coats!  it was deceptively opaque :)  it's not my favorite color, and not particularly unique, it looks a bit like a sinful colours polish i have, and maybe is along the same lines as zoya reece happi but less pink.  anyway, i would wear this gal again.  i think i need to give her more time on my tips :)
lamp light
what do you think about debutante? have you tried any colors from Nox Twilight?


this product/products were sent to me for review purposes. please see disclosure statement for more information.
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