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Monday, August 30, 2010

untamed luxury pt. 1 diamonds

the untamed luxury collection from color club was extremely buzzed about in the beauty community this summer. mostly because, no one knew much about it! a few people had seen a promo image at the beginning of the year or sometime around then, but nothing much was spoken about it until it's launch date. and that's just fine with me. i would almost rather have it that way, although it is nice to have fair warning sometimes, to be able to budget and plan for a collection ;) but all those months of anticipation can kill ya!

the collection is split in two sets, the first one i will share is called "covered in diamonds". the first color is called de-luxe-cious. this has a greyish blue base with a ton of glitter in blue, silver, and gold. i didn't know if i would like this one, but once i had it on, i decided i really loved it! easy to maneuver and dried to the touch while i was swatching, so that's a plus!  this is two coats, but a third would probably look even better.
snakeskin was a color that i thought i was going to loooove. turns out i was wrong. it is a metallic grey (in certain lights it looks green i swear!) with sparkley gold glitz buried within. sounds right up my alley. well i had a helluva time applying this one and it turned out a mess. i didn't take a lot of care to clean this guy up because i was frustrated with it, so i apologize for the messy swatch.
ms. hautie is a funny name, it makes me think of a rich snobby brat with her nose in the air haha. but this polish unfortunately did not make me laugh, or smile. the bottle color is certainly promising, really pretty light grey with a pink flash and tiny bits of holo glitter! reminds me of pixie dust :D but once i had it on and it started to dry, all the glitter rose to the top and the polish sunk to the bottom. i was left with a grainy, metallic mess. i just read on diana's (painted lady fingers) review of this polish that three coats seem to be its magic number, so maybe i'll try that next time i wear this guy and hope for the best.
red velvet (heeey i just posted a polish named that!) is a black jelly filled with tiny red glitter. this polish looks like some we've seen in the past, eyeko's vampira, china glaze's lubu heels, etc. but this one gave me extreme trubs in the application department. it was très thick and i had to glob it on. i was not a happy camper. but once i did have it on it was kinda pretty despite its gloopyness. the pictures show it w/o a topcoat, but i think i would def. need one to smooth this guy out.
untamed luxury, the collection's namesake, is a stunning turquoise glitter swimming in a teal jelly base that is guaranteed to turn some heads. if you're thinking that maybe it looks a little like zoya's charla and orly's halley's comet?'d sort of be right, they're all in the same color family but this polish is definitely a different finish. i had to use three coats to build this one up, and you can see there on the edges some of my nail still peeks through.  p.s. it wasn't hard to remove! (i wore it as a full mani).
and here we have resort to red, a very pretty polish indeed! a pinkish red that was very flattering and sexy on me if i do say so myself ;) i wore this one as a full mani and i don't usually go for this type of color. brush strokes came up when i was painting this on, but seemed to disappear once it dried.
i topped resort to red off with the set's glitter topcoat called covered in diamonds. now i know a lot of people are going to really really love this and i have to say, it mesmerizes me to look at in the bottle, but i don't care for this much. the glitter is soft but it's do i explain this...3d? it's not the traditional flakie glitter like nfu-oh or the new sally hansen hidden treasure that lays flat, it's flexible and soft so that you can manipulate it the way you want it to lie. which for some folks would be great, it's just not my cup o' tea. needless to say, it is really cool looking on the nail, i just found it a big hard to work with and messy.
so, for part 1, i'm half pleased, half not so much. but really, color club's originality, creativity, and affordability can't be beat.  you can get each bottle for $2.25 at Victoria Nail Supply.  let me know what you think about these pretties :)  part 2 is coming up soon!


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