Friday, August 13, 2010

essie st. lucia lilac

aww i love purples, deep, light, smokey, dusty, bright, you name it, i love purple nail polish! and i know a lot of you all do too :) this is one of my cherished pastel purples, essie's st. lucia lilac. adorable name too. cremey and unforunately has a bit of the "essie sheerness" we've all experienced, but after three coats, it looks nice, semi-opaque and milky and not too streaky.
lamp light
so, i got a new camera but i'm not sure that i like it yet...O_o  i haven't been too impressed with it so far.  where does everyone stand on digital cameras?  lithium ion batteries or double As?  canon, nikon, sony or something else?  idk.  there's so much stuff out there, until i have it in my hands in my home, i just don't know what i like or not ya know.  bahh dilemma.

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