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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

untamed luxury pt. 2 indulgence

hiii folks :D today for your tuesday enjoyment i have the second half of the untamed luxury collection by color club, named every shade of indulgence. i like this set much better than the shimmer/diamond set i showed you first, i was very pleased with all except one of them.

i'll get the dud out of the way first, haha. pretty in platinum honestly is a cool color, i just can't work with polishes like these. it's a slightly gray tinged white polish with a pearl finish. i tried to do thin coats, but ended up with bubbling anyway, and some brushstrokes. i actually this color a lot, but the formula was beyond me. so one thumb down, one thumb up.
wild orchid reminds me a bit of pixie dust by orly, but a bit darker and almost smokey.  almost-blue lavender-ish gray with a wave of blue/silver iridescence.  this is two coats of fanciful lovely :)
awww lovely cremes :) this shiny baby is called positively posh.  it's a brown mushroomy taupe with a hint of purple. la la love these types of colors!  just like minty greens, i think i might have to own them all haha!  i did two thin coats, but three might have been better with this slightly watery polish.
soft as cashmere looked to die for in the promo photos i saw and it did not disappoint when i finally got it on my tips!  a gorgeous greige (grey, beige) and do i detect a tinge of green?  it has about the same watery texture as posh so it would probably look best with three coats, but this is two :)
nothing but truffle is probably my favorite out of the entire collection.  it's one of the glowy, burns from within colors that i love, but it has a hidden gold sparkle shimmer that just blew me away.  it's a deep chocolate brown that is so intense and mesmerizing that i just can't say enough about it!
jewel of a girl is another glow-from-within shimmery number and i totes love this one too. this is a beautiful luxe burgundy red color that has a hint of purple in it at certain angles. j'adore :)
ready to royal is an almost black dark purple "eggplant" shade that is a creme jelly, not quite a jelly but not quite a creme. essie does creme jellys a lot and come to think of it, this reminds me of an essie, velvet voyeur anyone? i quite like this, it's very vampy. opi's william tell me about opi is also very similar, and i probably like that one the best out of the three, but this is a very affordable alternative.
*phew* i am very happy to show you these swatches :) thanks for looking and tell me what you think about these!


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