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Saturday, August 21, 2010

cnd colour & effects

i've been spelling "colour" wrong when i've been talking about the "colour and effects" line by cnd (creative nail design)! it's the lovely international way of spelling it, with a "u". sorry about that ;)

this colour is called smoochie. it's a sexy hot pink that's not neon, yesss! finally a cnd i can get on board with! i really love this one. very swingy and kind of retro but still summery and cute. and get this...this is ONE coat! hell yeah!

lamp light
remember the effects i used in the other cnd post?  well i of course tried them on this creme colour as well.  sapphire sparkle and violet shimmer gave this punchy pink a cool pop that i liked very much.  i would wear either of these looks!
love blues?  so do i!  the blue i got to try out from cnd was called anchor blue (like the store haha).  i like this color a lot, and it also had the awesome creaminess like the other colours of course :)  it was probably the most flattering colour i got to test out.

lamp light
i think the sparkle effect looked particularly good on this, because they were both blue tones.  the shimmer really stood out as purple, so i thing both these effects are wins when paired with anchor blue.
i've shown this particular colour before, inkwell but there's nothing wrong with new updated pictures is there?  this color is such a dark inky blue that it almost looks black.  i needed three coats on this one.  i mostly wanted to re-do this swatch to show you the effects on top of this deep colour.

lamp light
i think the effects look absolutely amazing against this "black" colour.  the sparkle turned duochromey and the shimmer popped off the nail.  WOW.  la la love these looks!  i would wear this again in a second.  and like i said, the effects are great investments because you can use them on any polish, not just cnd's.
do you have any favorites when it comes to the "colour and effects" line from cnd?  i might want to get some effects for myself :)

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