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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

so scandalous

in the last month, i've kind of binged a bit on polish. partially from e-tailers, brick and mortar stores, and partially from blog sales! i think blog sales are a great way to find polishes that i might be particularly interested in but probably won't find in stores or anywhere else anytime soon. also i can usually get them for pretty good bargains and in turn help out the seller/blogger in clearing out their unused/unwanted polish to make room for more and to earn extra money for themselves.

when i purchased a few polishes from the awesome miss Ange-Marie from scandalously polished, she slipped in a little extra something with my purchases. at first i was at a loss for identifying the extra bottle in the package she sent me, it was in an icing bottle with a silver china glaze handle, it was reddish pinky berry colored holo and to my knowledge i'd never seen anything like it. then i remembered that Ange is a franken queen! frankening is basically when someone takes a polish and adds other polishes, pigments, glitter, etc. to it to make a new color. so i knew that this polish had to be one of her awesome creations. she later told me on twitter it was her very first franken*strike that, her very first HOLO franken*, so i feel very special to have received it.  my bestie mickelle helped me name it, after that song by mis-teeq, so scandalous :)

lamp light
do you "franken" any polishes yourself?  i have only frankened one so far, but hopefully i will be doing more in the future.  oh i wanted to mention, some of us nail bloggers had a discussion on twitter yesterday and were thinking, who would love to see a holo polish collection co-designed by miss Ange-Marie herself?  uhhh *waves hand in the air frantically* me, me, me!!  so listen up polish companies--MAKE IT HAPPEN mmkay!
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